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Solar Control Window Films in Commercial Buildings

Solar Control Window FilmsAre you looking for new ways to make your office building more energy efficient? Is staff productivity down because of how hot the office becomes? You might be considering changing your windows to save money and increase productivity, but window replacement can get pretty pricey, especially for commercial buildings. Instead of replacing your windows, consider using Solar Control Window Films.These window films have many benefits and will cost you about half of what you would be charged for new windows.

Solar Control Window Films can benefit your business in the following ways:
1. Increase Productivity- In a recent study, 80% of those who work in office buildings claim that higher temperatures affect their concentration in a negative way. By regulating temperatures with window films, your employees will be more comfortable and work more productively.
2. Decrease Electric Costs- Window films allow natural light to enter a room, but without the glare that comes with it. When you are able to use natural light instead of lamps and overhead lighting, the amount of electricity being used decreases, allowing you to see a decrease in your energy bills.
3. Going Green- In today’s society, employers have a leg up on competition when they say their building has “gone green” and are more energy efficient. Window films also reduce the strain on your HVAC systems by balancing room temperatures.

At American Solar Tinting, we specialize in the installation of Solar Control Window Films for your commercial building. By partnering with LLumar, a top name in window film manufacturing, ASTIC can guarantee the highest quality film for our customers. Installations are performed quickly and hassle free; you won’t even know we are there. Since 1958, ASTIC has worked hard to form long term working relationships with commercial customers in the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia areas. We are also authorized dealers of Vista® and SOLYX® films’, providing our customers with the best the industry has to offer.
If you want to get started with Solar Control Window Films with ASTIC, call one of our 5 convenient locations:
1. Baltimore- 410.944.0100
2. Annapolis- 410.263.0600
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4. Westminster- 410.876.6380
5. McLean/Manassas, VA- 703.734.1970

You can also call us toll free at 1.800.969.0100. You can also contact ASTIC by clicking here.
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