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Window Tinting Can Help Galleries Protect Artwork

Window Tinting Artwork

Many museums and galleries limit natural light to prevent direct sunlight from damaging artwork, however, reducing UV light is very manageable.

“No space, architecturally, is a space unless it has natural light.”

— Louis I. Kahn

Light plays a very important role in art, not just in the creation of a work – the shading, the lines, the perspective, the coloring, etc. – but also in the enjoyment of a piece.

“When appropriately lighting an exhibit, it is important to consider not just the quantity but also the quality of the light used,” write authors Chris Hancock, Shelby Hinchliff, and Justina Hohmann in the “Daylighting Museums Guide.”

However, many museums, galleries, and other facilities displaying artwork for public and private viewing limit natural light, relying heavily on artificial lighting, to prevent direct sunlight from damaging priceless and delicate works of art.

“Unlike most building situations, where direct sunlight can occasionally grace a surface, museums require that the UV exposure from direct sunlight be completely controlled in order to protect the integrity of the art and artifacts on display,” explain Hancock, Hinchliff, and Hohmann.

Ultraviolet (UV) light helps fuel chemical reactions that can cause premature aging: fading, bleaching, and yellowing. And the damage is irreversible. Still, despite the ever-present dangers, natural light must be present in order to truly enhance the overall viewing experience. The presence of natural light allows onlookers to see the artwork more similarly to the way it would have been viewed by the artist . “Because it is the light the painter used to paint his painting,” explains Kahn.

Additionally, natural light helps reduce a facility’s need for electric lighting during the day, which can help lessen energy use and save museums and art galleries money.

Stop Potentially Harmful UV Light and Protect Artwork without Blocking Natural Light

The good news: reducing UV light is manageable and fairly cost-effective.

A normal windows blocks only 40 – 50% of incoming UV rays, leaving artwork vulnerable to damage. Window tinting, however, can be applied to stop up to 99% of UV rays while still allowing natural light to flood a space, safeguarding valuable artwork: photographs, paintings, etc.

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