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How to Choose the Best Solar Tinting for your Building

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Solar tinting can co completely change the look of your building, so it’s important to make a good decision.

There have been so many studies that show that the more natural light a commercial building has, the more motivated and ready-to-work employees remain throughout the day. There are even studies that suggest that natural light can help to prevent those awful office headaches and migraines that are caused by looking at computer screens for an extended period of time. However, a lot of natural light can also mean a high amount of heat coming in through the windows, which can lead to increased air conditioning use. In addition, light from the sun can lead to furniture and other items becoming sunbleached, which is only amplified through a reflective windowpane. This situation can be mostly solved through the use of solar tinting for your business’s windows! However, it might be hard to determine just what kind of solar tinting fits best with your business environment and design. Want to make a good decision about your commercial solar tinting? Make sure to ask yourself these questions first!

What Do I Want From The Solar Tinting?

One question to ask before deciding on which solar tinting is right for you is to figure out exactly what you want from the tinting. For example, think about what is more important: economics, privacy, or security. If you are concerned about the heat leaking in from the windows, you’ll likely want to consider solar tinting designs made for heat reflection. If you are more concerned about protecting your windows or the people inside, solar tinting with added strength or reflective qualities is a great choice. 

How Dark Would I Like My Interior to Be?

Solar tinting comes in all sorts of shades. Some are barely noticeable, and some filter out a lot of sunlight. Perhaps your business has too much natural light to the point where the brightness is a bother to the employees. If that’s your case, you might want to consider adding a darker tinted shade. However, you’ll have to also consider the compensation of adding additional artificial lighting to your business. 

Do I Want The Exterior Look of My Business to Change?

When installing window tinting, the outward appearance of your window may change depending on the type of tint. For instance, there is reflective tinting that will likely leave your window looking more like a mirror from the outside. This isn’t exactly a good strategy for a business like a restaurant or retail store, where you’ll need to be able to have visibility into the store. But, it’s a great solution for office buildings that want to have a little more privacy

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