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The Differences Between Laminated and Tempered Safety Glass

Here are a few key differences between laminated and tempered safety glass.

Safety glass can be a great investment for protecting your business and home. Although it’s not like getting a fence or security system, there are many ways that safety glass can increase the security of any building through its windows. Whether you want it tinted for privacy or admire the anti-shatter properties, you can find a lot of benefits of safety glass. But the question is, should you go with laminated or tempered safety glass? Here are a few key differences between laminated and tempered safety glass to help you make this important decision.

How it’s Made

Both laminated and tempered safety glass start out in the traditional glass-making process by heating sand into a molten state and shaping it. After this, laminated glass uses sheets of traditional glass and layers it with a thin sheet of vinyl to reinforce it. You will often find laminated safety glass used in the windshields of cars. Tempered safety glass is created by strengthening the glass itself through a quenching process. A sheet of glass is heated to extreme temperatures and then rapidly cooled, which refines and strengthens the bonds within the glass.

Pros and Cons

The vinyl layers in laminated glass makes it thicker and gives it the shatter-resistant properties. You can even find thicker varieties that can be almost bulletproof. And another added benefit of laminated safety glass is that it blocks out harmful UV rays from the sun as well as help cut down noise from outside. On the other hand, the quenching process that hardens tempered glass makes it four times stronger than traditional glass. The main drawback is that tempered glass does not have any of the benefits of laminated glass, including sun protection and sound reduction, and it will shatter if it is broken. But the design of tempered glass allows for it to break into very small shards which will reduce the risk of injury. 


Because laminated glass has so many added benefits, it tends to run more expensive than tempered glass. But the tradeoff is that you will find laminated glass readily available at most shops that carry glass because it is so popular. The recent price estimate for tempered glass is 50 to 60 dollars per square foot, while laminated glass will be closer to a hundred or more per foot. Either way, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding which type of safety glass will best fit your needs.

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