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Why Healthcare Facilities Should Have Tinted Windows

american solar tinting tinted windows

Window tints can significantly benefit both the patient and healthcare provider.

Many people are anxious when they visit a healthcare facility. There is a psychological term called the “white-coat effect,” where blood pressure changes when patients visit a medical office or clinic. Surprisingly, window tints can significantly benefit both the patient and healthcare provider. If you manage a hospital, doctor’s office, or nursing home, you might want to consider tinted windows because of the privacy they offer. 

Tinted Windows Can Keep Spaces Cheerful and Hopeful

Many healthcare workers keep the blinds down to reduce glare and prevent rooms from overheating. Unfortunately, this can cause less sunlight to enter a room. Tinted windows can bring light into a room without any uncomfortable heat or glare. Sunlight positively impacts a patient’s mood. Additionally, studies have shown that it may lower blood pressure and enhance a person’s sleep quality. 

Tined Windows Protects Patient Privacy

When we think about tinted windows, cars, homes, and offices might come to mind first. However, window tinting also benefits nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and hospitals because it protects patients’ privacy. It’s best when people can’t see the inside of a patient’s room while the patient doesn’t feel suffocated by not having any outside views. We offer various frosted and patterned shades for indoor use. 

Tinted Windows Provides UV Ray Protection 

Overexposure to radiation can cause health problems such as leathery skin, eye disease, and even skin cancer. For these reasons, SPF products, such as sunscreen or moisture, are paramount for sun protection. A window film can protect at least 80% UV radiation from the sun. However, tinted windows are another way to look out for the health of anyone entering your facility. 

Enhanced Safety

If a natural disaster happened, would your medical facility’s windows shatter? Flying glass is dangerous in so many ways but completely avoidable. Safety and security films make this less possible. 

A Wise Investment

The shape and size of the windows affect the cost of tinted windows. The film you use also makes a difference. You might be worried about the price if you own a large facility with many windows. However, when properly treated, tinted windows can last up to ten years, making it a wise, long-standing investment. Also, you can save money on blinds and shades but still have a sophisticated and professional look. 


Contact American Solar Tinting today whenever you’re ready to enhance your healthcare facility or commercial space with window tinting. 

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