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Why Use Commercial Solar Window Film

Why Use Commercial Solar Window Film

Have you ever considered solar window films for your company? Here are some solid reasons to consider using commercial solar window films.

Have you ever considered solar window films for your company? Contrary to some myths, solar window films have more than aesthetic value. They are a wise choice for many reasons. You might miss out on many advantages by not having window films installed as a business investment. Here are some solid reasons to consider using commercial solar window films. 

Commercial Window Films Offer UV Ray Protection 

The most significant benefit of solar films is that they can fight against harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. The human body needs Vitamin D, which the sun provides. However, too much of a great thing can be toxic. The CDC reported that overexposure to UV radiation could lead to severe health issues, even skin cancer. Too much sun exposure can also affect your eyes, causes sunburn, and contributes to premature aging. High-quality films can protect your and your employees’ health while protecting furniture, artwork, and other items that can fade or deteriorate with UV exposure. 

Reduced Energy Costs

When the sun is hot during summer, office air conditioners have to work much harder to keep your team and clients comfortable. According to Carleton University, of the sunlight that reaches the sun’s surface, “54% is already heat (infrared)“, while 45% is visible light. Since commercial solar window films manage visible light and UV radiation from the sun, they eliminate hotspots in your office building while insulating the interior. Modern window films block particular regions of the light spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to infrared, allowing them to lower energy costs while maintaining a reasonable amount of natural light in the office. 

Constant Comfort

There can be a distracting glare when you work at a computer near a window. Closing the blinds is always an option. However, it means that you jeopardize natural light coming into the office. With commercial solar window films, you can optimize light transmission while making it more enjoyable to work at a computer. Other comfort concerns you can address include hot and cold spots, reduced temperature, and UV radiation. Commercial window films can make the sunny side of your office cooler and ensure everyone is comfortable at work. 

Enhanced Security and Safety

Keeping your employees and business safe is vital to protecting your investment and preventing physical harm. Safety and security films can help protect people inside your office building and lower the rates of successful break-ins, if not prevent them altogether. Anyone who wants to smash the windows and grab things from your business will have trouble getting in if you install security window film. 

Security window film holds the glass in place, making it difficult for wrongdoers to smash into your property and steal valuables. More often than not, they’d flee to avoid being caught at the scene. Solar control window film also protects people near the glass from glass shards spraying or stepping on broken glass. This protection also matters when inclement weather arrives. 

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