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Decal vs. Cling Window Graphics

One of the many questions you might find yourself asking is whether you should go with window decals or window clings.

Have you been considering adding window graphics to your business and don’t know where to start? In the last few years, the technology involved in window graphics has improved significantly, allowing for beautiful and useful window covers at an affordable price. As you begin your search for the perfect solution, one of the many questions you might find yourself asking is whether you should go with window decals or window clings. While the two solutions both offer plenty of benefits, they do have slight differences that might make one over the other a better solution. Today, we’ll walk you through the differences so you can make an informed decision. 

Window Decals 

While they are slightly different, window decals and window stickers function in much the same way. They are printed on vinyl with an adhesive facing and will be transferred from a backing to the intended surface. Stickers are often set on paper first while decals are transferred – this small difference does make decals more reusable than stickers. That said, decals and stickers are not meant for frequent removal and can be damaged with too much manipulation.  

Window Clings 

Unlike decals, window clings are a perfect option for frequent removal and replacement because they adhere using nothing more than static cling. These high quality printed materials are made by printing durable ink on a vinyl plastic; these are then cut to the specific shape of the design and have a clear backing. Not only are these a great option if you want to let in natural light, but they stay durable and leave no residue. Thanks to the reusability, window clings are an amazing option in industries like car dealerships and restaurants that might have rotating sales or specials.  Clings can be swapped out weekly or even daily with little effort! 

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