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The Many Uses of Decorative Film in Your Home

Solyx films are designed for interior glass partitions or serve as the inside surface of windows. Decorative film is available in a diverse number of textures and designs and costs a fraction of the cost of laminated panels or patterned or sandblasted glass. Soly films are a prime material for conference rooms, lobbies, retail and residential spaces, office settings, and wherever there is a need for privacy in style. These are some of the most popular types of decorative film.Logo Graphic

Frosted Films

Solyx frosted films come in a wide variety. They are designed with different transparencies and light transmissions to provide different degrees of privacy, according to your needs.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is well known for its beauty and elegance, and is also available in a variety of transparencies to produce different effects.


Solyx Architectural window films can achieve a variety of different looks. They are available in stars, stripes, and a diverse variety of patterns.

Light Diffusing

Functional Solyx Light Diffuser translucent films allow varying amounts of visible light to pass through them. You can control how much light enters any space by carefully selecting these films to suit any commercial, office, or residential space.


These films allow none or next to no light through, depending upon the kind you choose.

Static Cling

Solyx Superior Quality Static Cling Non Adhesive Glass films are the latest addition to the line of Solyx quality films. This film can be used on any smooth and non-porous surface. It it easy to install and lasts for years. These are easy to clean and maintain and improve both privacy and security. These films allow natural light to enter while filtering out 99% of the sun’s UV rays. This protects carpets and furniture from fading in the harsh daylight.

Cut Glass

Solyx cut glass window films function as prismatic light scattering films. These need only the light of the sun to create a stunning display in any room.

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