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The Basics of Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated window graphics are perfect for advertising your business and promoting your brand.

As a business owner, you are likely constantly on the lookout for new ways to promote your brand and business. One that you may not have considered is putting graphics on your windows. Many people avoid hanging signs in their windows because they don’t want to block the view from the outside. Perforated window graphics are the answer!

What Are Perforated Window Graphics?

These window graphics are made by printing directly onto vinyl that has been perforated with small holes. The vinyl has adhesive on one side so that it sticks directly to your business windows. The perforated holes, called micro punctures, don’t interrupt the image because they are so small, but they do allow one-way vision because they cover about 50% of the surface area. This means that you can see out through the windows, but people cannot see in. 

What Features Make Them Great?

Perforated window graphics are perfect for advertising your business and promoting your brand since they are totally customizable. They offer privacy for anyone inside your business, without that being their obvious purpose. This could be good if you have clients who want their privacy, such as at a spa or gym. They also provide shade and can help decrease the cooling costs for your business. More often than not, they are designed to cover full windows, but they can also be cut out into shapes for specific branding purposes, such as an interestingly shaped logo. Finally, they add interest and curb appeal to your business, and they may help you draw in more customers.

Are They Hard To Install?

Perforated window graphics are very easy to install, and you don’t need a professional to do it (unless you want one). Starting with a window that is clean of all dirt and grime, align the graphic to make sure it fits and mark the glass where the edges should be (use a dry erase marker). Remove the backing of the decal and align it to the marks on the glass, using a dry squeegee or flat edge to smooth it down.

How Do You Care For Them?

Perforated vinyl decals are easy to care for. They can be applied to the interior or the exterior of the window so that they will stand up to most weather. A pressure washer will likely cause the vinyl to tear, so if you need to wash it, simply use a damp cloth. When it is time to remove the decal, peel it off and clean off any leftover adhesive.  

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