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How to Clean Window Film



Cleaning tinted window film is necessary but extremely low maintenance.

Unlike drapery, curtains, or blinds, which require constant upkeep, window film is far more low maintenance and requires very little effort and time in order to maintain its brand new look. Generally, window film only requires a quick occasional cleaning in order to prevent the buildup of dust. If you have kids or pets, you may have to do this more often, but it is a very low key and easy maintenance step regardless.


Cleaning Decorative Window Film

The vast majority of decorative window film pieces are textured or patterned and require minimal cleaning. Films of this type are generally constructed of highly durable vinyl similar to what many shower curtains are made from, so small smudges and handprints generally will not even show up. However, you will still occasionally want to make use of mild soap or dish soap and wet rag to wipe them down. This will remove any unsightly dust or debris. It is important to note not to use abrasive cleaners such as bleach, scrubbing bubbles, or windex for regular cleanings, as these can weaken the adhesive keeping window film stuck to glass over time.

Cleaning Solar Window Film And Tint

Sometimes called home tint, solar window film is far more fragile than decorative window film, which rarely ever rips or tears. These types of films are usually polyester which are transparent and usually clear, so they do not change the appearance of your window dramatically while they reduce heat and protect you from UV rays. While the transparency of solar window film is beneficial for visibility, it also shows finger prints, smudges, and other debris very easily. It is recommended to clean these away using non-ammonia based cleaners and a soft cloth. There have been stories of ammonia-based glass cleaners damaging films and aggressive scrubbing with a rough cloth can potentially scratch the films, so it is better to err on the side of caution.

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