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Commercial Energy Efficiency via Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting can help save on your energy bill.

Although fully-windowed buildings may look sleek and spiffy from the outside, this style is not quite ideal when it comes to energy efficiency.  Untreated windows transfer loads of solar energy to the interior of your office building, where it then becomes heat, which in turn boosts the need for air conditioning in order to maintain a comfortable working environment.  Commercial window tinting is a simple and effective way to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency for your office space.  

If the goal is just to block sunlight, then why not just use blinds or shades?

Excellent thought!  While this strategy would work to an extent, this is far from the optimal way to go about reducing heating and cooling costs.  When solar radiation energy passes through a window, it becomes heat upon coming into contact with an object or person — and blinds and shades are indeed objects.  In contrast, a well-tinted window can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat and correct any indoor heating imbalances.  In addition to preventing the sun from cooking your co-workers, a tinted window will allow you to maintain a lot of the natural light that you get from outside, as well as keep that lovely panoramic view that blinds and shades would take away.

Is the cost of window tinting worth the savings on my company’s energy bill?

The short answer?  Yes, absolutely.  The longer answer?  Yes, and let us explain how.  After the initial payment for the purchase and installation of your commercial window tinting, you’ll immediately see a drop in your energy bill.  National Grid estimates that about 20% of total expenditures in a typical office building go to energy costs.  Tinting windows can reduce energy costs by 5-15%, meaning that the service will pay for itself in about a year’s time.  In addition to immediate energy savings, commercial window tinting will also provide your office building with other benefits like eliminating glare and furniture fading, maintaining natural light and beautiful sightlines, and providing an extra sense of security.

Commercial Window Tinting with ASTIC

If you think you might be ready to take steps these towards optimizing your office building with commercial window tinting, don’t hesitate to contact us to get started on your project, or use this page for a preview tool and savings calculator.  You can also follow American Solar Tinting today on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more updates and information from us.

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