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Does Window Tinting Prevent Fading?

Does Window Tinting Prevent Fading? american solar tinting

Residential window films are applied to block radiation and provide privacy.

You’ve put a lot of time, energy, and thought into decorating your house, and it shows with a beautiful collection of items that you love and cherish. Unfortunately, over time those items can fade, mostly due to the sun. Window film is an ideal solution. Residential window films are applied to block radiation and can also be tinted or patterned to create decorative effects and provide privacy. If you’re wondering how solar tinting could help preserve your rugs, furniture, and flooring at home (or how commercial window tinting can protect your office or preserve goods in your shop), read on. 

What Causes Fading?

It may seem hard to believe but only 10% of fading comes from factors other than sunlight. The other 90% all comes from factors related to sunlight. About 25% comes from heat from the sun. Heat, especially direct heat, can cause the fading of dyes in fabrics and flooring. Another 25% is related to visible light. This means that the visible spectrum of light from the sun, the stuff we want to come in and brighten our spaces, actually is causing fading. Finally, the remaining 40% of fading comes from UV energy. The UV spectrum of light from the sun causes the majority of fading of fabrics and flooring in your home. And that UV energy can also be less than ideal for your skin and the health and safety of members of your household if you’re getting too much of it.


How Can You Stop It?

Since 90% of fading comes from the sun, the most obvious way to stop it from happening is to stop the sun for reaching your items. But most of us don’t want to move into a cave. We like the sun that comes in, that warms our rooms, that lights up our lives. So instead, you need to block most of the damaging elements. The visible light is what most of us like so that 25% of the damage is the cost we pay for having sunlight in our living spaces. But residential window tinting is a great way to block out the vast majority of the other 65%. Window film can block as much as 90% of harmful UV radiation from getting into your home or business. It simply bounces off the window panes once they have the protective film on them. Protective film can also reduce the destruction caused by heat energy from the sun. Window film is a quick and easy way to take care of a large portion of the feeding caused by sunlight.

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