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See How Residential Solar Tinting Benefits You in Baltimore

It’s the middle of summer in Baltimore; hot, humid, and bright.  You would rather enjoy the day in a nice air conditioned living room lazing about on the couch, browsing your favorite shows. But with the blinds closed its just too dark, and with them open that sun hits you right in the eyes. If this sounds familiar, residential window tinting could be your answer.Residential Window Tinting Baltimore

Protection for your Wallet

Residential window tinting serves to limit the amount of light that comes through your windows, eliminating glare and bright light where you don’t want it, while also stopping the heat that comes along. During the hot summer months while your ac is running, this heats your home unnecessarily, increasing your energy bill. Stop the problem at its source with window tinting, leaving more money for you to spend on that wonderful summer vacation you’ve been planning.

Protection for your Privacy

Everyone enjoys going out, having fun and being social. But when you’re lounging about at home, do you really want the whole neighborhood to be able to walk by and peep in at you? Residential window tinting allows you to see outside, but prevents other curious individuals from checking in on you whenever they feel. That rendition of Celine Dion you’ve been practicing while cooking isn’t ready for the neighborhood just yet.

Protection for your Furniture

Not only can the sunlight during the summer bother you, but it can also wreak havoc on your furniture’s lifespan. The high amounts of ultraviolet (UV) light that come along with sunny summer days can accelerate how quickly your furniture fades. Tables, floors, couches, and window decorations are all in danger from UV light. Luckily for you, residential window tinting can prevent these UV rays from invading your home and ruining your couch.

Solar tinting has many benefits for residential homes. To learn more about these benefits, give American Solar Tinting a call today!

Have Your Solar Tinting Installed Today

As a factory authorized dealer of Vista® and LLumar® window films, American Solar Tinting provides our customers with not only the highest quality installations, but the highest quality products. Our solar tinting and window graphics are professionally installed with no mess, no hassle and minimal disruption.

If you need solar tinting for your business or home, please call American Solar Tinting today at 1-800-969-0100. You can also follow American Solar Tinting today on Google+PinterestFacebook, and Twitter.

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