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Signs Your Window Film is Deteriorating


Signs Your Window Film is Deteriorating american solar tinting

Window films can last years with just a little maintenance, but they do not last forever.

Residential window film can offer many benefits, such as reducing excessive heat gain and glare to providing energy savings and added security. The estimated lifespan of the window film can be an essential deciding factor for many homeowners considering an installation. So, how long does window tinting last before it starts to deteriorate? Window films can last years with just a little maintenance, but they do not last forever. Here are some signs that could indicate your window film is deteriorating.


One of the most evident signs of aging window films is fading of the tint.  Harsh UV rays from the Sun cause a chemical reaction with the dye in the tinted film. Over time, this lightens the window tinting. Using low-quality film or poor installation techniques can also speed up the fading process.


Lower quality window tint may turn purple due to the specific way the dyes fade over time. This discoloration occurs because yellow dyes are more reactive than red and blue. Yellow fades the fastest, leaving a purple dye mixture behind. Professional window tint manufacturers prevent their films from turning purple by matching the fade times of the dyes so the yellow will fade at the same rate as the red and blue dyes.


Direct sunlight and heat can also cause window films to become brittle over time. The material will begin to lose its flexibility, making it susceptible to cracking when struck with enough force.


As heat from the Sun slowly breaks down the adhesive material, air pockets may form between the window and window film. Bubbles can also be caused by poor installation. If the installer leaves too much mounting solution under the film, bubbles and bulges will develop as the liquid evaporates.


Over time, the film may start to lift around the edges or near cracks. This peeling also occurs with prolonged heat exposure, which causes the film’s adhesive chemicals to break down slowly. Bubbles formed due to poor installation can cause the edges of the window film to peel away from the window.

How to Prevent Deterioration

With enough time, any window film is going to break down and need replacing. However, there are things you can do to slow down the process. Typically, a window film will last ten years or more. If you want to extend its lifespan, make sure your tints are professionally installed. With some extra maintenance, your window films can last twice as long.

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