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Why Window Tint Film is an Energy-Efficient Solution

american solar tinting window tint film

Window tint film still lets in a lot of light, but filters out the heat. Feel free to grow those plants you’ve always wanted by the sink.

Having an energy-efficient household is everything these days– not only for the environment’s sake, but it can also help lower the financial burden of all the various bills you must pay each month. For example, water usage bills are trending lower and lower every day thanks to innovative solutions like water-conserving dishwashers, toilets, and washing machines. Even new light bulb technology has been developed over time to make sure that only the minimum amount of energy is used to light up space. With that, energy-efficient windows are also produced, but there’s one catch– they are SUPER expensive. Plus, they aren’t as easy to replace as a washing machine or lightbulb. But thankfully, there is an easy and cost-effective workaround– window tint film! Make your house more energy-efficient by adding window tint film to your windows. Here’s how it works.

Installing Window Tint Film is a Professional’s Job

First of all, you will want to invest in professional-grade window tint film and installation for the best energy efficiency. While the DIY film you may see on Amazon or Pinterest may seem super easy and cheap to install, it is a much harder process than it looks. In addition, the window tinting film is likely very poor quality as compared to what a professional would use. If you still aren’t sold, the proof lies in the years of satisfaction and results to come. DIY installs will likely feature scratching, bubbling, and peeling, which will all no longer properly block out the sun’s light, leading to no real energy efficiency. The energy-efficiency portion comes from the absorption of the sun’s light to keep in the heat.

It’s More Comfy-Cozy

The DMV area is known for its interesting weather. It seems that one day, it will be 85 degrees with lots of humidity, and the next, it’s back down to 60 degrees with wind chill. This can be particularly annoying to residents who never know when to start the air conditioning or heat. Using both of these is not energy-efficient whatsoever, especially when switching between the two on the regular. Nor is it a particularly comfortable experience for those in the house. When it’s cold out, it’s cold inside; when it’s hot out, it’s hot inside. But luckily, window tint film can help alleviate these woes. Some window tint films are able to reduce incoming window heat by up to 85%! Plus, there’s no additional monthly cost. 

Minimize that Energy Bill

When combined with curtains and blinds, window tint film can help to block out almost all thermal sun rays that rack up the energy bill. Enjoy visibility, but keep those costs low. 

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