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4 Things You Should Know About Residential Window Tinting

4 Things You Should Know About Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting can enhance the experience you have in your home in ways you probably never thought about before.

Residential window tinting will help you save money on cooling costs. It will also enhance the experience you have in your home in ways you probably never thought about before. East Coast weather can be unpredictable and unbearably humid. Even when you have air conditioning, some areas in the house, such as screen doors, can still be hot to the touch. Residential window tinting can combat this along with being advantageous in other ways. Here are four essential things you should understand about residential window tinting. 

Popular Residential Window Tinting Film Types

  1. UV: UV window film keeps UV light out of your home. It repels up to 99% of UV light through your windows. Also, a common misconception is that this type of film will darken your windows. However, they do not affect your glass’ coloring, meaning that you won’t be living inside of a dark home.
  2. Security: Security window film is human-and-nature resistant. It consists of heavy-duty polyester, decreasing the chances of shattered glass. 
  3. Decorative: This film is the best option when you want to add patterns to your windows. It increases a home’s privacy. Frosted and colored window tints add privacy but also curb appeal. 

The Benefits

  1. Glare Reduction: You should consider residential window tinting if you’ve ever had trouble watching your television, working on your laptop, or reading your kindle. UV window tinting reduces UV rays for digital screens, ensuring that you no longer have to move the screen to a different position. While spending time outdoors is enjoyable, the sun’s glare can make it hard to enjoy indoor activities. 
  2. Prevent Furnishings from Fading: Natural sunlight is always a benefit. However, you have to consider how it affects the contents inside your home. UV rays can damage various furnishings, flooring, and artwork. It’s an aesthetic issue when couch patches look lighter over time. However, too much sun exposure also degrades the material. Protect your investments with residential window tinting. 
  3. Keep Cool and Save Money: When it’s humid, the worst feeling is to feel uncomfortable in your home. If you have large window panes, residential window tinting can help regulate your home’s temperature. Therefore, you can save money on utility bills by not overextending the usage of your cooling systems. 
  4. Write Residential Window Tinting off on Your Tax Credit: The Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows you to get a 10% credit for tinting your windows. The maximum is up to $500. Lower energy bills plus money back for window tinting helps you save more money than you might have expected. 


Window film can last anywhere between ten to twenty years. However, several factors impact how long the film will last. These factors include the film and glass type, window construction, and your home’s location (relating to the sun’s direction). Many window tints outlast their warranties. 

Applicable Window Types

Solar tints can crack some windows. Tints should not go on any window type, particularly when it comes to solar film and its high absorption rate. Suitable window types include: 

  1. Single pane or monolithic windows
  2. Dual-pane or insulated windows
  3. Laminated windows
  4. Tempered glass 
  5. Skylights and atrium windows

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