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Protect Client Privacy with Commercial Window Tinting

Friday, September 4th, 2015
Commercial Window Tinting Privacy

Commercial window tinting is designed to enhance privacy without sacrificing your view, but that is just the beginning. Window tinting truly does it all.

Depending on your industry, client privacy could be a big deal. Doctors, for example, have an obligation to protect their patient’s privacy – safeguarding their medical records and maintaining privacy while in the office. Other industries may not be under strict legal guidelines, like HIPAA, but that does not mean client privacy is not a top priority. Doctors, lawyers, social workers, certain government contractors, medical facilities, businesses with high-profile clientele, and so many more have a need – an obligation – to protect client privacy. Commercial Window Tinting can help.

There is a fine line between the need for privacy and the desire for natural light – window tinting addressee both. Similar to limousines, commercial window tinting helps darken your building’s windows so onlookers can’t…well, look on. Still, the tinting allows filtered light to fill your office, which is a much nicer alternative to closed blinds or shades. (more…)

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