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The Benefits of Window Graphics

Thursday, December 22nd, 2022
The Benefits of Window Graphics

Window films have practical and decorative purposes. Read on to see how window graphics can benefit your business in ways you have yet to consider!

Window films are a practical investment because they help lower energy bills, serve as a security mechanism, and control the temperature in your building while making it a more comfortable space. However, window films have decorative purposes as well. You can look forward to your company having more aesthetic appeal. Window graphics come with a few benefits that we’ll share with you today.  (more…)

Window Graphics: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing

Friday, September 23rd, 2022
american solar tinting window graphics

How you design your window graphics can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Window graphics are a trendy design medium because they are bold and versatile, grabbing the attention of people who walk by and leading them into a store or business. Window graphics can be permanent or temporary, making them adaptable for various applications and environments. 


Why You Need Window Graphics for Your Business

Friday, May 28th, 2021
window graphics for your business american solar tinting

We here at American Solar Tinting offer custom corporate logos and graphics for glass windows, walls, and doors.

Do you want some new advertisements for your business? Is your storefront missing something? If so, you may want to consider investing in window graphics for your business. Window graphics are a great way to get your company name out there while taking advantage of your window space. We here at American Solar Tinting offer custom corporate logos and graphics for glass windows, walls, and doors. Our films come in a variety of designs and patterns, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect window film for your business. Window displays can be an artistic and beautiful way of using your windows to benefit your business. Here are a few advantages of window graphics.


Design Tips for Your Storefront Window Graphics

Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Window graphics are a great way to use the free space of your windows for marketing. They are a great design media for advertising, grabbing attention as people walk or drive by (and they can also help people from walking into or birds from hitting your larger windows). Commercial window signs can be very cost-effective, especially if there are seasonal sales or events that you need to advertise yearly. Before you dive into designing your window graphics, take a look at these tips and considerations.

Design Tips for Window Graphics

Before you dive into designing your window graphics, take a look at these tips and considerations.


How to Design a Window Graphic Logo for Your Business

Monday, March 11th, 2019

Maybe you have a blank window at your storefront and you’re thinking of adding a window graphic to attract customers. You might be wondering what that graphic should look like. If you haven’t designed a logo for your business, then now is the right time to get started with the following suggestions.


5 Benefits Of Custom Logo Graphics For Your Business

Thursday, March 1st, 2018
You don't want the outside of your business to be plain and boring. Spruce it up with a custom logo graphic!

You don’t want the outside of your business to be plain and boring. Spruce it up with a custom logo graphic!

Promotion of your business is essential to keeping it up and running smoothly. You want people to be able to walk past and immediately know the name of your company and what you do. The best way to do this is to present something eye catching that will make people turn around and look at your business versus the one next door. Custom logo graphics are a great way to do this. Here is why your business needs custom logo graphics.  (more…)

Decorating The Glass In Your Home With Custom Window Graphics

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Show your child the individual they are with creative window graphics.

If you have and artistic son or daughter, they’ll absolutely love designing their own window graphics. You could also give your front door, skylight window, or sliding glass door a new look with the help of a professional window tinting specialist. Bring your vision to life by adding aesthetically pleasing designs to your glass. Do you have a family crest? Decorate a pane of glass above your front door with it and show off your ancestral roots. Your home’s exterior is the first impression passer-bys get of who you and your family are. Give them something tasteful and accurate! Let’s take a look at some creative custom window graphics for your residence in this week’s blog.


Get Noticed with Window Graphics

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

When you’re walking down the street or through a shopping area, what do you notice? The people, mannequins, displays, and of course, window graphics. Window graphics can give many details about your business that attract attention. If your windows are bare, you’re less likely to grab a potential customer’s attention, especially in Baltimore where distractions are everywhere.


Increase exposure and draw attention with window graphics.

Learn the benefits of window graphics, and see why your Baltimore business should be using them to increase exposure and sales.


Window Tinting and Graphic Film Can Help Make your Windows Bird Safe

Thursday, March 26th, 2015
Bird Killed by Window Strike.

Bird Killed by Window Strike.

What do you think kills the most birds in North America? You might guess outdoor cats, windmills, or power lines, but the biggest killers of birds in the North America are windows. The American Bird Conservatory (ABC) estimates that 300 million to One Billion birds are killed in North America every year by window strikes. The vast numbers of birds being killed is not sustainable, and is especially a threat to endangered migratory species. Fortunately, American Solar Tinting provides window tinting and graphic films that can help reduce the number of bird strikes. To learn more, read below. (more…)

Curb Appeal with Window Graphics

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Curb Appeal Window GraphicsWhen driving through a city or town, chances are most store window fronts look effectively identical to the passerby.  Only the truly outstanding or outrageous storefronts get a second glance.  People are too busy to give an uninteresting sight a second look.  This is bad for businesses that rely on word-of-mouth to survive—a picture isn’t worth a thousand words if nobody sees it.  This is where window graphics come into play.  By investing in the art of catching the wandering eyes of passing people, known as “curb appeal,” a company can build more business for itself through an inviting façade that speaks volumes about the quality content inside.

How to Appeal

The sign to a store is absolutely everything when drawing in crowds from the street.  A standard sign is mediocre and doesn’t catch enough attention.  A sign with flair will make heads literally turn in surprise, and the passerby with think, “What an interesting store.  I should look into it.”  The payoff comes when the person remembers the interesting sign and looks up the store on the Internet—or better yet, takes a moment to stop inside and browse the wares.  The three major aspects of a store sign are visibility, upkeep, and information.  Someone should be able to see the sign while riding down the street or, better yet, from across the street.  A faded sign should be refurbished or replaced, as an unattractive sign will tell the viewer more about the store than the store itself might say.  The store’s name should be easy to see among the marquee, and store hours should stand out enough for someone giving a quick glance to know whether the establishment is open right at that moment or not.  All of this should be clear with a single look as someone walks or drives past.

It’s not Just About the Street

Parking areas are just as important as the signs themselves.  If possible, provide enough parking for your projected business model.  Make sure all parking areas are clear of debris and holes that can damage cars or feet.  Ideally, spaces should be marked with weatherproof paint.  If parking is communal, then point your customers to the nearest parking lot.  When your customers draw close to your door, you should consider their needs for the store entrance.  Mark the way the doors swing on both sides of the doorway and clearly point out handicap accessibility.  Importantly, make sure that any signs saying whether your store is currently open or not are turned on or turned to “Open”.  Turning a customer away at the last minute is painful when you worked so hard to draw that person’s attention.

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