FAQ on American Solar Tinting, Inc.

How do I stop heat from the sun?

Solar window film applied acts as a shield to reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat. This can help keep your home cool and comfortable and keep your energy costs and your environmental impact down.

Why is my carpet fading by the window?

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of fading on home interiors. Blocking those UV rays can protect your wooden floors, carpets, furniture, antiques and artwork from discoloration and sun damage.

Does privacy film work at night?

Window films perform differently at night than during the day. While more reflective window films can reduce the effect, window films will not provide the same level of privacy in a brightly lit home during nighttime.

Where should I use security window film?

Security window film can be used on any glass that is vulnerable to windborne debris or smash and grab thieves. This includes your home, office, or storefront windows, display cases, and automobiles.

What are the benefits of Solar Control Window Films?
  • Make your home or business more comfortable

  • Preserve furniture, fabric, artwork and flooring from sun fading damage

  • Cut down harsh glare and protect your eyes

  • Protect your family from UV skin damage

  • Act as a safety shield in the event of shattered glass

  • Provide privacy and added security

How do I clean window film?

Most window films have a scratch resistant coating to protect the film from normal wear and tear. However, caution should be used in cleaning the glass. Use any normal household glass cleaning product or soap and water. Do not use scrubbing pads or products with abrasive materials.