Residential Window & Glass Tinting

Looking for a way to save on energy costs, cut down on glare and heat, and protect your home’s interior from sun fading damage? American Solar Tinting has helped over 46,000 customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. with professional installation of solar window tinting.

Solar tinting can save you thousands of dollars in energy costs and sun fading damage by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Protect Your Interiors

Carpets, furniture, artwork, antiques and wooden floors are all vulnerable to fading and discoloration from UV rays. Protect your interiors by blocking out the heat and sun with solar window tinting. Glare from the sun can be significantly reduced, allowing you to watch TV or work on your computer with the shades open and the sun shining.

Save Energy

Keep your home cool and comfortable by blocking out heat and sun during summer months. Keep your energy costs and your environmental impact down with solar window tinting. Solar window film applied acts as a shield to reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat.

Increase Privacy and Security

Everyone loves the view, but most people only want the view to look one way – out. Window tinting can keep prying eyes from looking in on your home. In the event that glass breaks due to break-in, vandalism, wind or natural disaster, our films are bonded firmly to the glass and can hold the shards together, protecting your family and your home.

Decorate the Glass in Your Home

Give your front door, skylights, or bathroom screen a decorative look. Glass tinting comes in a wide array of styles and our professional designer can help you bring your concept to life.